Disaster Recovery as a Service
Powered by Rubrik

Downtime significantly impacts organisations, costing them money, loss of productivity and reputation damage. Whilst it can be challenging to quantify the true costs of a disaster it is safe to say that some businesses never fully recover.

DRaaS from Assured DP minimises the impact of downtime with a secure and cost-effective disaster recovery solution, bringing peace of mind to an organisations data protection needs. Combining the power of Rubrik together with our flexible and scalable cloud infrastructure, Assured DP provides high-performance DRaaS at a fraction of the cost of traditional disaster recovery solutions.

DRaaS powered by Rubrik

How Does DRaaS work with Rubrik?

Assured DP integrates with Rubrik to provide a hardware agnostic, cloud-based, disaster recovery service. This allows you to keep an offsite copy of your applications at a DR location, available to spin up instantanly. The offiste replication feature within Rubrik give you the abillity to replicate your data incrementally to your chosen location giving you the flexability of using Assured-DP's data centres and nutanix compute platform to maintian services during an outage.

Assured DP's DRaaS infrastructure combines best of breed technologies including Nutanix, and Rubrik to provide near zero RPOs, with RTOs to suit your needs.


Replication that delivers savings and flexibility

Rubrik delivers WAN optimised replication that doesn’t impact production workloads. Avoid unnecessary network and storage costs with global deduplication that scales out to the full fabric. Replication can be deployed in a multi-way or bi-directional topology.


Flexible RPOs and Near-Zero RTOs

Customise RPOs and retention values to meet near-continuous data protection or long-term off-site archival needs. Automate disaster recovery workflows that integrates third party services by using a RESTful API framework. Mount replicas directly on Rubrik for testing or recovery without impacting ongoing replication or production workloads. Recover in the amount of time it takes your OS to boot.


Simple Pricing Model

Traditional disaster recovery solutions are inherently expensive with variable costs for compute, bandwidth and even invocation. DRaaS by Assured DP is simple, customers can protect any number of hosts or VMs, just pay for the protected data size. There no hidden extras.


The converged solution enables simple, scalable, linear growth on demand. This flexible architecture allows for any number of Rubrik nodes to be added at any time, grow on demand.


Limit Data Loss

Define your own RPOs for your VMs or groups of VMs with Assured DP DRaaS. RPOs of seconds can be achieved with no impact on performance or resource usage of the primary system.

Connectivity and Fast Recovery

Onsite disaster recovery is powered from the Rubrik appliance which has a large amount of self-contained SSD for flash speed backups and restores. Servers can be instantly restored without data rehydration enabling near-zero recovery times. For offsite recovery Assured DP has built-in options for any occasion and solutions can be tailored to any scenario.


Speedy Replication

Flash speed backups with incremental forever processing means WAN efficient replication with flexible RPOs.

Automated and On Demand Failover

Assured DP's DRaaS team will help perform a managed and certified invocation test once a year, included as part of the service. For those who want to do unlimited testing the GUI allows easy, on-demand recovery testing with full confidence.


Central Management

All backups, replication, disaster recovery and archiving is controlled through a simple and intuitive HTML5 GUI. Automation and orchestration powers organisations with the ability to script automated restores for disaster recovery and Test/Dev.